Journal #5 - Like a Roc


It’s been a good start to the year! We’re juuuust about done recording all the bits for Season 2 and we’re looking ahead to Season 3. Some other things that have made us quite excited is the first official fan art we’ve seen, by user @brook_a_doodles, and (another) awesome shoutout from @griffonbirdpress! Both of these folks have some sweet art and you should check them out. We’re always so thankful to listeners and those who support us.


Journal #5 Detailed Show Notes

Jesstin Jacobs as Lucas Campbell
Edited by Jen Jacobs
Produced by Little Giant Monsters

Music and Sounds

Ether Oar - The Whole Other

Turnpike - Silent Partner

Far the Days Come - Letter Box

All other sounds self created or public domain with no attribution required from and