Episode 207 - Big Foot, Big Find

CC 207 group.jpg

Another day, another search for bigfoot! We really channeled our visit to the wonderful International Cryptozoology Museum for this one. We’re also always happy to bring back recurring characters, and we had two this time!



Episode 207 Detailed Show Notes

Jesstin Jacobs as Lucas Campbell
Danielle Verrier as Mia Miller
Jen Jacobs as Fritz and Sammy’s PA
Liz Boucher as Christine
Charles Boyd as Sasquatch Sammy

Edited by Dan Warburton and Jen Jacobs
Produced by Little Giant Monsters

Sound and Music Notes

Komiku - Fouler lhorizon
Soft and Furious - Violet Son
Soft and Furious - Passionate Ending
Procession - Puddle of Infinity
Night Music - Kevin Macleod