Little Giant Monsters was founded by four friends from Rhode Island. We’ve all been lifelong fans of genre work, from science fiction to fantasy and everything in between. After working on various short films for a few years, we decided it was finally time to get a little more organized, and focus on creating the kind of content we’d like to see in the world. We currently make one podcast (The Cryptid Cases!), and a video series (Danielle Tries Weird Things). We look forward to branching out into other podcasts, short films, webcomics, or wherever the road takes us!


Jen Jacobs

Jen likes to find a purpose and a place for things. Sometimes these things are audio or video clips needing to be edited into a story, sometimes it’s ingredients going into a new recipe, and other times it’s talented people coming together to create. She always finds time to snuggle with her pup, Ted, and it’s true that he may be a little spoiled. Jen tries to find a balance in life between work and fun, and she’s excited to pursue the projects of LGM that will check off both boxes.


Jesstin Jacobs

Jesstin has been drawing and telling stories pretty much since preschool, when a classmate first introduced him to dinosaurs. Since then, he’s been obsessed with monsters, aliens, and basically anything that’s not human. As time went on his interests grew to include things like Star Wars, giant robots, and adorable dogs. He earned a degree in Classics, which he always needs to clarify means the study of Latin and Ancient Greek.  It’s more of a fun party trick than anything. An…expensive party trick. Jesstin is super excited to be writing a podcast, and hopes everyone else enjoys it as much as he does!


Danielle Verrier

Who needs boy bands when you have majestic horses? Certainly not Danielle. Growing up she was far more interested in animals than anything else, always catching all sorts of wild creatures. These days she spends her free time chilling with her animals, hiking, and practicing yoga. Although much of her life was spent working with animals, Danielle decided to pursue a career in archaeology and mapping, her passion for adventure and solving the mysteries of the world driving her. These days she makes maps by day and hunts monsters by night.


Dan Warburton

Sparked by a couple classes in college, Dan has been interested in all things audio for a little while. After having done the recording for a few 48 hour films, as well as one role as a dead guy behind a couch, he’s been relishing the opportunity to sharpen his editing skills. Having graduated URI with a communications degree, the chance to actually use it for anything is something he never thought he’d achieve. He’s always appreciated good sci-fi and fantasy, and has had many a good conversation about the genres. Though if you want to hear him go on for hours, just ask him for music suggestions. Being able to work on a project that combines his interests has been a fantastic experience for him.



Our Mission

Here at Little Giant Monsters, we’re committed to creating awesome content and telling stories across a variety of media. In the spirit of democracy, all our members have equal input in what we create and produce. We strive to constantly challenge ourselves creatively and technically, and never stop improving.